Friday, 3 February 2012

Office politics! See me ooo

Just as the heat caused by the sack of some of my colleagues was cooling down, we recieved a new organizational structure in our mails yesterday. There has being a massive re-arrangement of the system, with some departments totally collapsed. In this new structure, we have a 3 teams with 3 people in each team - for the operational arm of the business. I am the only girl in my team and my team leader came from one of the collapsed departments.
From the look of things, its obvious that the guy (my team leader) was only retained in the system cos they couldnt figure out how to sack him. How can he come from being a senior manager and a Head of Department just to head a team of 2 people??? A position which is for a deputy manager and in some cases, a manager (who isnt favoured)?
The guy took it in good faith, from all indications (i would have been as mad as hell!)
Everyone is wondering how he will cope with this new responsibilty cos he does not know the 1st thing about this part of the business seeing that he has been doing something else for the past 8 years. Its just like moving someone from admin department to finance and asking him to head the finance team. No be to open the man ya*sh be that?
As if that isnt enuf, i was called by one of the top mgt. staff and this was what he said to me "Even though it is Andrew's (my team leader) name that is on the organogram as the team leader, i hope you know you are the actual manager of that team. This is because you know Andrew has no experience whatsoever in this area of the business and so will not know what to do (oohh so they even knew this b4?). I want you to take charge. Put him in copy of all mails sent and let him know what you are doing but take charge"

That is subtly telling me to 'power tussle' with this guy. How will i take charge when i shouldnt be in charge? What if i suggest how things should go and he insists otherwise? I cant impose on my team leader na, abi? This people just wan knock 2 people head together for here, e gba mi ooo.

Then the other guy in the team is supposed to be assisting me, meanwhile i hear say the guy dey vex say dem put am under me. Silly boy.

I have to learn how to play office politics, honestly.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Happy New year oooooooo

E don really tey ooo. I know you guys would have forgotten about me *no try am ooo*. You go dey ask say where i dey since.
Hmmm, i dey ooo. Things just dey turn person up down up down.
Since december, we have being on edge in the office. The management said they didnt make so much profit in the year and so have to downsize. Na im everyone comport themselves, dey hope and pray say dem no go follow for people wey go carry files under armpit, wear coat inside sun (together with shoe wey chop for one side) dey walk up and down adeola odeku for V.I dey find work for January.
Its being very hectic, trying to prove your worth no easy ooo.
Anyway, the letters finally got served last week friday and somehow i scaled through *pop lacasera in place of champagne*
I feel so bad for the people affected though. There was one of my colleagues (now former colleague) who hadnt resumed this year cos she had a 7-8month miscarriage. She also got served. Isnt that heartless???
Them for just free am na. But i guess,na dem get company so as them like. A few of my friends also lost their jobs. It isnt easy sha.

Not like the work or the pay sef is fantastic but at least its something to hold on to till something better comes along (or till i get married to aliko dangote's son. hehehe)

So thats why i am just saying HAPPY NEW YEAR to you guys.

We'll talk later. See Ya!

(Special thanks to Che for asking after me, for being concerned about my whereabouts. If to say i be man, i for just rush come marry you. Cos this one show say u be correct wife material (caring and stuff) Thanks dearie)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

88k 'gbese' this xmas!!! God forbid

Ol boy! No be small thing oo. God just brought me out from a ditch i would have fallen into in the office. For those who dont know, 'gbese' means debt (not the kind that you willingly undertook though). If you hit/scratch someone's car and you are wrong, then u have chopped gbese, if you pick that lovely top ur colleague is selling thinking its the usual 2k-3k top and after wearing it and getting loads of compliments, u realize that top was actually 10k, u have chopped correct gbese, if you use the worng cost on a suppliers purchase order and there is an over payment done to the guy then u have eaten correct, authentic gbese! Get the drift?

Well the last happened to me yesterday. I over payed a supplier by 88 thousand naira!!!! My boss called me and asked what happened. I was so sure there was a mistake somewhere cos i couldnt believe i would make such errors. I checked and there! I commited the blunder. I called the oga and he calmly told me to go and settle with finance. Well, in my  organization, that means ' go and tell finace in how many installments you will pay the amount back and which months they should start debiting your salary account'. For this xmas???? Mehn, i couldnt sleep last night.

This morning, i went to the boss and as meekly as i could muster, asked him what he asked me to do when i get to finance (like i didnt know already) As Almighty God, Oluwa, Chukwu, Oghene, My FATHER will have it, my boss asked me to go that he will sort it out!!!! I couldnt believe my ears! Is that how much God loves me?????
Someone has been made to pay 300+K for a mistake like this. The guy's salary was deducted for so long that he forgot how much he was actually meant to be collecting as salary.

Abeg make una join me shake ikebe unto the Lord. I am so thankful.

Hope y'all are gearing up for the hoilidays. I cant wait.

P/S: Bumped into our  'vexing bus driver' (from the last post) and he was with this really pretty chick who was clinging to him like he will evaporate if she didnt. Guess he has moved on to someone who will be his girl without being actually 'toasted' or 'wooed'. As if carrying me in a big motor is the be-all. mschewwwww

Friday, 2 December 2011

Free 'Bus driver' don vex!

Im dey stay for the compound next to my own.
We dey greet once in a while.
I dey my own jeje ooo.
Na im come meet me, ask me where i dey work.
I tell am.
Im ask me how i dey take manage go work eveymorning.
I tell am say na bus na (i no get motor, person come dey ask me stupid question)
Na im im offer to dey carry me. Say make i dey call am if i wan comot.
Na so i bin dey get free ride go work inside this fine murano SUV.
Nobody talk anything wey resemble 'toasting' oo.
Yesterday, bros call me say make we hang out.
I tell am say i dey tired, say i wan go sleep.
Na im bros para, dey 'voke, say im dey tell me wetin im want make we do, me i dey talk another thing.
I no get power so i off fone. Bros show for my door. Say 'we have to talk'!
See me wahala oo. Im think say im be my bobo? Sake of say im dey drop me for office?
Abegi, make im park well joor.
I tell am say, make we leave the talk to another time say i wan sleep.
Na im bros talk wetin wan make me laff  'I cant have a girlfriend and only see her in the morning when i am talking her to work'!!!!!! 'GIRLFRIEND' KE!
Well, i swallow the laff, come tell am say i no be im girlfriend say i bin dey think say na the 2 people involved go decide to girlfriend/boyfriend each other
The guy vex, comot.
This  morning, i call am to drop me (as we bin dey do since na)
Bros no pick im fone. When im pick am, im tell me say im dey busy.
Shio! Na so?
No wahala. I go fly my bike go bustop go enter my bus as usual.

Yeye man!

Really, why do guys feel that you can be their girlfriend when they want you to be? WHy do they take women for granted? Why cant they do favours for women - no strings attached? Why do they always feel the need to get us to 'thank' them by being their babes whenever they do us favours?


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sex in the office? Why me?

I just came in from the ladies and am still very shaken. I cant tell anyone here (in office) what i just experienced so i guess i can hide back here and tell you guys (doesnt being an annonymous blogger just rock?)

I had told you guys sometime ago about a guy in my office whose hard on (in his trousers) i spotted. This guy has an ex as well as a current in the office. See story here if you didnt read that post.       

The battle for the guy's attention has intesified between in 2 girls in recent times and its such a funny plot to watch. Killer office cloths, breakfast from left and right, etc. The mumu guy sef just dey there dey act confused. Beats me when guys dont know excatly what he wants.

Well, we have 4 restrooms in the office - one for the MD and 3 for regular staff. there is one of the three which is very popular cos it is really spacious with a real wide mirror and hand dryer so people always prefer to use that one. I went to use the restroom and that popular one was in use so i decided to manage one of the others. I spend a lot of time in the restroom usually cos i do a lot of stuff like picking my facial pimples, making faces at the mirror, reciting nursery rhymes etc. Anything to keep me away from my desk for a while. I must have been there 10-15mins (thats probably why they  felt i was gone) when i started hearing sounds from the next restroom. I could distinctly make out the voice of my hard-on-in-office colleague. The sounds were definetely sex. I couldnt figure out who he was with until the person's fone rang. The ring tone is Kas's 'I gat too much swagger' song. It was the guys 'ex' girl's fone!!! So except someone else went into that toilet with someone else's fone then i have just caught sounds of a guy having sex with his ex in the office where his current girlfriend works!

I have been feeling very funny since then cos 1) i dont like hearing people have sex 2) the current babe is my friend and i dont know if to say anything or not

What could have made them do it in the office??? Couldnt they have waited till after work??? Why do i have to be the one in the other toilet at that time???

Gat to figure out how to maintain a straight face whenever i bump into both of them

I think i have to keep my mouth shut to the current girl make e no come be me scatter them. I no get power.

I dont just like this